Mia Wright

Mia Wright

Mia Wright, the founder of We Can-CerVive®, a non-profit, cancer-awareness organization, can be described with one word: survivor. As a survivor of violence, both domestic and sexual, Mia was also diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 23. Through surgery, prayer, and her strong faith, she was declared NED—No Evidence of Disease—in 2014.

Using her non-profit organization to feed the homeless, create awareness in her community on the manifestations of abuse, and to educate others on the identification of the relatively concealed causes of the disease, while providing them an opportunity to share and discuss their health issues freely, Mia is a daily inspiration to others.

With her optimistic approach and strong belief on God, she continues to surpass any obstacle she encounters. Mia is currently working on a biography, is contributing to an anthology, and continues, daily, to empower women.

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