Damitra Sorden-Viera

At the age of 34, Damitra Sorden-Viera was diagnosed with Stage 2B breast cancer. To say that it turned her life upside down would be an understatement; the heart-wrenching news shattered her hope, her courage. She was unable to socialize, so much so that she was unable to be there for her children, as her depression grew. Her once vibrant and cheerful life suddenly appeared hopeless and dark, her future bleak.

With each chemotherapy treatment, Damitra grew extremely weak and distressed, often deliberating her children’s welfare, if she was to leave them. Most devastating to her was the fact that she’d been a strong and independent person all her life; the sudden dependency on others left her fragile and shaky, so much so that she even attempted suicide to get rid of the unbearable pain and suffering that was inflicted on her with each chemo treatment.

The key to survival in life is to face each calamity with due braveness and determination. The concern of her kids over her deteriorating condition and the support of her mother gave her an internal strength and showed her a way to be an inspiration for so many others undergoing the same pain and agony. She decided to fight her cancer head on, while also educating people about the effects of the disease and how one should deal with it.

With her consistent struggle, she now has regained a lot of her strength and re-discovered her faith in life. She is able to love herself and her faith has become even stronger. She gives back to her community by giving “love coupons” to cancer patients and shows her support by organizing various fashion shows and community events to let them know that they are strong and REAL fighters. In addition, gets husbands involved by raising money for survivors and their treatment by her Shoot for the Cure charity basketball event.

Currently, Damitra serves as a Community Outreach Ambassador and volunteer for the Susan G. Komen non-profit organization that funds breast cancer research. She knows how to live, laugh, learn and uses those tools to empower others to get stronger, as well. Every day she lives is a testament to her struggle with cancer and it reaffirms her conviction to reach out and help others.

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