Cimone & Nikia Vaughan

Being a mother is the greatest gift one can give. To create life, feel it grow, and bring life into the world is a feeling like no other. But, being the mother of a child who is sick, who is more dependent than ever, whose pain you wish you could take away, takes courage.

Nikia Vaughan has that courage. As a mother to a beautiful three-year old daughter named Cimone, she is an advocate and warrior for Sickle Cell Anemia. Cimone was diagnosed six weeks after her birth, which sent shockwaves through both Nikia and her husband, as they watched their baby girl writhe in continuous pain and misery. Devastate, but unperturbed, Nikia vowed to do everything possible to improve not only Cimone’s odds, but those of every person with SCA.

Using her favorite quote, “Oprah wasn’t built in a day,” as inspiration, Nikia started Cimone & Friends, a non-profit organization that provides financial, moral and emotional support to families by spreading SCA awareness, hosting support groups, and providing donations to families in need who have a child with SCA to offset medication and hospital costs.

Presently, Nikia works as the lead ambassador for the State of Maryland, assisting parents of newly diagnosed SCA babies. Spreading the message that “with dim light, the faith gleams brighter,” Nikia is a shining example of the fact with commitment, strong faith and hope, anything is possible.

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