Our Mission

The mission of The Women’s Challenge is to creatively challenge today’s women to be healthy, through interactive seminars and events focused on educating women about sexual health, physical activity, diet and nutrition, beauty concepts, financial empowerment and spiritual motivation.

Our Vision

Created by women for women, The Women’s Challenge, Inc. is more than a network.  It’s a vehicle for building relationships with others in the community to creatively challenge the modern women to be healthy and happy while balancing the many roles she plays for others in her life.

Founder and Chief Woman of Vision, Lorraine-Bailey Carter has learned not to dwell on the “shoulda, coulda, and wouldas” that life throws our way, having suffered the loss of her mother at the tender age of 13 and the loss of her father shortly thereafter. Her life went down a different path, but she was undeterred, facing it head-on. Her firm belief that we are “Our Sisters’ Keeper” was the catalyst for The Women’s Challenge, Inc., where she strives to assist women in developing a healthier life and empowering them to do the same with others.

Working alongside committed and passionate volunteers has been the heartbeat of the organization, and she hopes to bring even more on board. If you are interested in being a part of an organization like this, please contact us. We would love to have you!

Whether a mother, wife, daughter, aunt, niece, sister or friend, every woman can benefit from The Women’s Challenge, Inc., as we target these specific areas of women’s health:

Physical activity
Diet and nutrition
Sexual health
Beauty and personal appearance
Financial education

Through fun, entertainment and positive motivation, we are able to reach many women and help them understand the importance of better overall health. As a group of passionate, professional, caring, and ambitious ladies that have endured our own share of heartaches and pain, we can positively impact other women who find themselves in the same circumstances.


CONTACT US @ Email: INFO@womenschallenge.net | Office: 410.417.6668

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