The Women’s Challenge, Inc. (TWC) is an organization for women, focused on enriching lives through empowering and educating about financial, physical, sexual and spiritual health, while encouraging and entertaining through the use of interactive workshops, seminars, concerts and events focused on developing an overall healthy lifestyle.

We build strong female relationships that will empower women to keep moving forward in their lives, businesses, and goals.
We educate women through our community partnerships, via health fairs and other communal events, as well as through our personal experiences, to discuss practical knowledge, resources, and relationships.

We encourage women to keep their faith, no matter the obstacle, and to continue pursuing the goals and dreams.

We use music as a muse to entertain our community, where we celebrate love, life, family and homeownership.

We build.
We love.
We support.
We overcome.

 The Women’s Challenge, Inc. celebrates what it means to be a strong woman, the triumphs and tribulations that come with it, and the balance it takes to succeed.


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The Women’s Challenge, Inc.

A Women's Empowerment Org. We Honor & Support Women<br />❣ EMPOWER ❣ EDUCATE ❣ ENCOURAGE ❣ ENTERTAIN

P.O. Box 364, Abingdon, MD 21009

(888) 529-9213

The Women’s Challenge, Inc.

A Women's Empowerment Org. We Honor & Support Women.

PH. 888.529.9213
FX. 888.529.9213

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